Sep. 21st, 2001

That's it.

Sep. 21st, 2001 08:52 pm
That tears it! I'm done with OD! I could actually resolve the URL today, but their SQL server obviously had the day off (again) as I couldn't post anything (including comments to others). I'm done with 'em.
So, here I am!

Things are going okay recently. I'm working regularly again. I got on part-time with a friend of mine and his father-in-law delivering and moving furniture for an interior decorator. It's only about 1/2 time a week, but it pays about $10 an hour. Not bad. Plus, on top of that, the father-in-law (Bob) is going to bat for me at another job he works to get me a place delivering newspapers some nights a week. The pay is about the same and should get me another 10 hours a week or so. All in all, should be enough to squeeze by on bills and such. Plus, any other work I picked up is gravy. Not bad, all told.
Still wrestling with the computers, too. The smaller harddrive that I salvaged from Jamie's old laptop is quickly deteriorating quickly, and I still haven't found a way to get my stories off the larger harddrive. YET! I'm going to, though, dangit. Just a matter of time. It hasn't been too bad, though. A bit frustrating at times, but I like the challenge. In the absence of getting PAID to do such work, it's nice to notice that I still enjoy doing it.
Besides that, not alot going on. I'm still considering the Navy commision, but know that I won't take any action on it immediately. Things are still status quo with Marie. And life continues in it's way. My only thoughts at the moment are keeping my little tin filled with cigarettes, keeping a little food in the cupboard, and where I can grab the next sofa to carry it down the ramp. Immediate, real concerns. And I take them one by one, and things are great. :-)



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