Sep. 23rd, 2001

I GOT THE STORIES! Yup, I finally found a way to make a boot disk to get to my old story archive on an old harddrive. I won't go into the gory technical details, but suffice to say it's been a problem I've been cracking my skull against for about two or three weeks now (actively... I've been CONSIDERING it for a while), and I've finally DONE it! Woohoo! So, I went ahead and took out the Linux Partitions and now have a 75 Mhz Toshiba laptop with a 1 Gig HD ready to load up an OS and run with it. SWEET!

/me does a happy little dance.

AND, I've got a possibility of a few more jobs. The family of a friend of mine does concessions (read "sells beer) at concerts and events in Atlanta and they're looking for an extra set of hands. The pay is decent from what I've heard. Plus, Bob is still finding out if his boss needs any more help driving papers to distribution centers, AND I've got a resume in with Borders in Douglasville and a friend there just told me that they are about to lose someone in the Cafe (where the pay is better anyway). All in all, I'm liking my prospects right now.



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