Oct. 4th, 2001

Grrr... and that's all I have to say about that.

I decided to try to cut back bit by bit instead of taking the smokes out of my system cold turkey. I did well yesterday, only smoking 5 (my goal), but blew it tonight with 7 (I had aimed at 5 again). Oh well, sometimes the situation just calls for nicotine.

Thought I had a job offer today. I finally called Manpower to see if they had just forgotten about me and all, and my recruiter told me to send her an updated resume, as a client was looking for someone with my skills PRONTO. So, I sent it to her and called back that afternoon, only to find out it was AFLAC, my old employer.
"Were you the one that walked out on the last AFLAC job?" she asks me.

"Uhm, no. I wasn't there the last five days, as I had a court date and wasn't available to work, but I mentioned that ahead of time..." I had trouble saying that the OTHER two days I wasn't there because I was spending time in Troup County Jail for Failure to Keep Minimum Insurance. A WHOLE 'nother story...

"Well, that's what AFLAC reported, so we can't even submit your resume for this one."

So, no go on AFLAC. Not that I would really PREFER a job with them again, atleast not in the situation I was *IN*, but right now I'd like ANY job. The fact that they reported that I walked off annoys me more than a little.

Besides that, not alot happening. Just tense and tired and need sleep.



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