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Worked my first Phillips Event last night, an Atlanta Thrashers preseason game. Only wound up making about $35 for the entire night, but I understand that that's a really BAD take for a hockey game. Preseason versus New York, plus there must have been SIX other things going on during the day yesterday, so the crowds were thin. However, I am DEFINTELY on the list for the Philly and Pittsburgh games (which I'm told are some of the best money nights, but also the craziest work), and I'll be on for the New Years Eve Widespread Panic concert as soon as they make a sign-up list for it. It was fun. Busy and stuff, but fun. I definitely don't mind the work, I like the people I work with, it all just works out. Even if a great day job comes around, I plan to keep going back to work weekends, atleast. Without a good day job, I'll work the week-nights, too. :-)
It's had a strange kind of Katharsistic effect, too. I've been trying to wean myself from eating out (not easy for someone not terribly comfortable in a kitchen with no microwave), but I've failed MISERABLY so far. Today feels different, though. I'm about to boil up a package of Ramen and probably brew a cup of tea, and that's fine. I had a brief twang to just run by McFastFood and be done with it, but decided against it. No bouts of will contest, no cravings, just thought "Neh... eat at home today." It's strange. I have a feeling it's because I spent 6 hours in a booth surrounded by the smell of these GREAT Bratwursts and Italian Sausages and cola and beer and peanuts and crackerjack and pretzels last night, and didn't have any of them (the booth is charged for every item that isn't accounted for at the end of the night, so I'd have to pay full price; any discount would come out of EVERYONE'S pay). Whatever it is, it's been far reaching.
I even kinda feel like writing today, too. First time in a WHILE I've felt THAT way. Or, atleast, like doing some re-writing. :-) I don't know that I'm up to the creative process itself yet. And DEFINITELY not ready to make myself go run. Maybe I'll get to those two after a bigger event. :-P

My dad called yesterday morning, too. I love that man. My mother always tries to call me at about 9am weekday mornings. Now, there are two options of where I am at 9am on weekday mornings. Either A) I'm at work. However, if I'm *NOT* at work, I am B) asleep; as I do *NOT* see ANY reason to wake up before 9 on a weekday if I don't have to be at work! Scott always tries to call me evenings, when I'm usually either out of the house or on-line. DAD, meanwhile, calls at EXACTLY noon (to the MINUTE) on Saturday. Sure enough, I'd just gotten up, fixed a pot of coffee, and was walking out of the shower when the phone rang. How did he know? He knew HIMSELF at my age. I learn, more and more every day, that I am indeed my father's son.
Anyway, Dad's getting MARRIED! I was COMPLETELY floored! Now, Mom is engaged with Number Three, and has dated her fair share in between, but Dad has always been more laid back, seeing women who were mainly just friends who would come over for dinner. I honestly can't say I ever expected him to remarry. I really thought he'd had his share and was done. But, he said he's considering it. I think it's GREAT personally. My Aunt Fredia is not as crazy about it, but she has her reasons which will become more clear in a second.
The funniest part about it was that Dad was surprised when I knew who the lucky lady was. :-) Obviously, either I get my observative qualities from Mom's side of the family, or Dad has them and didn't think he passed them on or something. Dad's biggest passion in life in the last 7 years or so has been for genealogical research, and he's gotten alot of help from Judy, his... sister-in-law, but not really? Anyway, his sister's husband's sister. Then, the last time I go visit, I arrive at the house and Dad's been "Out to dinner in Pensacola" and doesn't volunteer any information (although, from his face, he had a great time). And, OH! Judy just HAPPENED to be visiting from California that weekend! Whaddya KNOW!? So, spending the weekend, I had a chance to "porch sit" and play Trivial Pursuit and just be around Dad, Judy, Fredia and Jimmy. Like I said, I'm not on the "Sherlock Holmes," nor were they all over each other or anything. Not even REMOTELY. But they were friendly and... I don't know. Sometimes you can just feel things. And mainly, I just know my dad. There was just that knowledge, from the way he moved, the way he talked, some different quality in his ever-present smile, that said "Now here's somebody he really thinks well of, and REALLY enjoys spending time with."
Obviously, it wasn't just me, though. Dad says when he told Scott, Scott's first response was "So, are you going to learn to speak Chinese?" (Judy's passion in life is missionary work in China).

Anyway, Aunt Fredia's worry should be evident now. She and Jimmy have been married for... wow... 36 years? And, all being from Frisco City, we're all related somewhere WAY back in the dim misties of time anyway, so the family has just really grown as one cohesive unit. It took me years to understand that Mama Laur' (Jimmy's mom) wasn't really, actually RELATED to me all that much. So, she just worries that if somehow it DOESN'T work out all the nastiness of a split will affect alot more than just Dad and Judy. I don't think it will, though. For that matter, a split between her and Jimmy would do the same thing, and it didn't stop THEM from getting married, now did it?

/me shrugs.

I guess I just feel it's the nature of life. You risk in everything you do, the greater the risk, the greater the glory if you succeed. "The brighter the angel, the blacker the devil." So, for my part, I'm just ecstatically happy for my dad. He really deserves nothing but happiness...

I can't even say how much so. You'd have to know him to understand, and, not knowing him, I can't explain. Suffice to say, he deserves it.



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