Oct. 2nd, 2001 08:09 pm
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Being a veteran of a moderate bit of group therapy (and man enough to admit the fact :-]), I've heard my fair share of questions like "When did you feel most hurt/embarrassed/betrayed/whathaveyou?" used in such sessions. Now, why I can see the use of such questions in a therapy session, I was thinking today that was really just kind of a downer for the day to day thing. So I wondered what a better one might be.

I like the question "What was the best compliment you ever received?" Mainly because it lead me to an answer I liked remembering.

For me the best compliment I ever received was in my first creative writing class. I had turned in my story "Bezdomny," the first one I ever really felt terribly comfortable with (I think it's still posted at and the class was due to critique it that day. After the usual rounds of nervous "Yeah, I liked it... it was good... and stuff" (it would take us all a while to really understand that the base of "critique" was "criticize!") the usual nervous silence fell. Then one girl in the class spoke up and said "I threw the damned thing against the wall."

Now, this doesn't sound like a compliment at first, atleast it didn't to me at the time, but then she went on to explain. She'd gotten so into the main character (Mikhail Alexandrovich) that when he made his fateful decision at the end, she was just so frustrated with him (and with me for "making" him do that) that she just threw it. When she said that, I'd never felt so completely complimented in my life. Nor since. I still have the manuscript she had, complete with folds, creases, and a small tear, along with her written comments, in an envelope. It's nice to have such reminders.

How about you, reader folks? When did you feel most complimented?




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