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Okay, so I worked the Jane's Addiction show last night. MUCH better haul than the Thrashers game a week ago. We made about $40 in tips, and probably close to $40 for the commissions. Contrast that to $30 in commissions and $5 in tips for the Thrashers game and... weeeeell, I'd say things are looking up. Now, I've got the TOOL concert friday, another Thrashers game (not preseason this time, should make out better) on Saturday, ANOTHER something or other next Tuesday... I finally got to the sign up list and will be working a MINIMUM of three days a week for the next month or so. Hehe... and next month: BUFFET! Woohoo! We get to kick the usual event staff Polo's aside and wear Hawaian shirts instead. Plus, our best takes (commissions and tips) come from beer sales (so cha-CHING$$$) *AND*... well, it's BUFFET! You better believe this is going to be one boogying Beerman! Plus, we'll probably close shop LONG before the concerts over, but that doesn't mean I'll have to go HOME, now does it? LIfe is definitely looking up. OH! And when I get my commission check for the first even PLUS the tips from the TOOL concert, I should be able to handle rent. *whew* Mind you, I haven't managed to get any OTHER bills paid, but I'm taking it one thing at a time.
I definitely found a job I like, though. BAR TENDING! It's just too much fun. Breaks my heart to have to cut the poor inebriated things off, though. Especially when they're offering $20 a cup. However, compared to the $1000 fine that COULD be leveled on us... it's just not worth it. It's alot of fun, though, interacting with the customers. I can't just give the deadpan "Here's your beer, sir/ma'am." NO! I've gotta interact, joke with 'em. Which, of course, went a long way towards our shares tip level and got me more than a few "Come Hither" looks as well (yes, Flagg, all from women).
Anyway, it was fun. Everybody check out my "To Talk about Magic" entry at OD, okay? The topic just seemed more suited to that diary. :-)



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