A Date?

Oct. 14th, 2001 12:18 am
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Well, I don't know if I mentioned here (though I probably did yesterday) that... well, there's no other way to say it, cheesey as it might sound.

There's this woman I work with...

We'll call her "A" since I don't think I've used that initial yet. Let me think, C and H and T and B and M... nope, no A, yet. So she's A.

What's there to say about her? Well, she's pretty. VERY pretty in fact. A few years older than me. Fun to be around. Pretty. Great to talk to. Have I thrown in Pretty at any time?

Well, I was pretty taken with A since I first met her. I'm really not looking for much since... well, to be quite honest, if I'd seen her in a bar I would think "Wow!" then NEVER say anything to her, just assuming she's out of my league. But working events with her (no, no interoffice romances... I'm still only working part-time, remember?) we've gotten a chance to talk and get to know each other.

Anyway, what am I getting to? I'm getting there! I'm kinda the local object of pity for our events crew because I'm driving about a two-hour round trip to work events. Well, one of the Matrons of the crew (a lady about my dad's age) has offered to let me stay at her place anytime I didn't feel like driving home, especially when we have Friday and Saturday night events (saves on gas, too). Well, at the next event, A made the same offer. If I had been chewing gum, I probably would have choked on it. I'm STILL not sure what I expect or hope from knowing her, but that was DEFINITELY something to make note of, I thought. So, this past Friday, we had a double event, so I thought I would see what I would see and packed an overnight bag. Well, A couldn't find a babysitter and wound up not working. Sod that idea.

TONIGHT was what got me, though. She was there tonight and we were bantering up front by the registers before the Gates opened and the topic turns to food. So A starts talking about the food she has thawing and prepped for the dinner she's going to cook tomorrow. I make the requisite "sounds good" comment and she turns to me and says "You want to come over?"


Uhm, YEAH! But a customer walked up then and we started getting busy. Later, though, I did ask if that was an actual invitation or a punchline and she seemed surprised I even asked. So, tomorrow, I'm going to give her a call, get directions to her place and head over around dinner. :-)

Is it a date? I have no idea. I don't particularly care, except I've got to decide whether or not to take flowers. But it's going to be me and her kids (yeah, yeah, I know, whatever) at dinner tomorrow. Honestly, I'm really not sure WHAT to think about all of it. So I'm trying not to OVERthink it, as is my wont, and just let it ride. I'd call her a friend regardless, and if it stays the way, ALL TO THE BETTER! If it goes deeper, better still.

And I know what I *DON'T* want. No more of this strictly physical relationship crap. I've gotten burned on WAY too many of those. Okay, two, but STILL! I don't like burns.

What will happen? Stay tuned and find out! I know I will!



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